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Specialising in Flood Risk Management

Roy Lobley

Flood Risk Management Specialist

As the founder of Roy Lobley Consulting I am a highly respected, experienced engineer and manager, having worked for over 35 years in land drainage, flood defence and flood risk management for both the public and private sectors. I began my career with an Internal Drainage Board, before moving to the newly formed National Rivers Authority and then the Environment Agency. After working for various multidisciplinary consultancies, I founded Roy Lobley Consulting in 2016, from my hometown of Lincoln.

Professional Background

I have extensive experience in designing and supervising the construction of flood defence works. I have also been involved in many flooding events, as well as with the implementation of Planning Policy Guidance Note 25 and Planning Policy Statement 25 within the Environment Agency, and dealing with all levels of Flood Risk Assessments. Apart from managing the production of Catchment Flood Management Plans and Shoreline Management Plans, I have been involved in over 1000 Flood Risk Assessments, both for the Environment Agency and private clients.

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